Researchers used machine learning to identify and understand different fish calls.

Katharine Gammon, Contributor

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Scientists prepare to probe other planets by combining different ways to detect signs of life.
Zack Savitsky, Contributor
New research suggests the birds must sense Earth's magnetic field using some other part of their anatomy.
James Gaines, Contributor
Experiments showed how cats can track their owners by listening for their voice
Haley Weiss, Staff Writer
Genes for repairing DNA, metabolizing glucose and suppressing inflammation may help some rockfish live for hundreds of years.
Nala Rogers, Staff Writer
New study examines rare sedimentary rocks atop some of the planet's oldest large land masses.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
The top of the troposphere, the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere, has climbed about 50 to 60 meters per decade in the past 20 years.
Will Sullivan, Staff Writer

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