Scientists create an amazing 3D model of the heart’s nervous system at the cellular level.
Karin Heineman, Executive Producer
Haptic training could help expert musicians and top athletes break through their performance ceilings.
Tom Metcalfe, Contributor
Babies born to active moms have improved heart function, better neuromotor skills and healthier weights.
Emilie Lorditch, Contributor
Pollution estimates in India highlight the need for some countries to more closely monitor the problem in nonurban areas.
Benjamin Plackett, Contributor
A month’s worth of cool science stories, summed up.
Alistair Jennings, Contributor
New research reveals the economic importance of “wool dogs” to the Native American peoples of the Salish Sea.
Tom Metcalfe, Contributor
Findings suggest sound was not the primary focus of the Stonehenge architects.
Tom Metcalfe, Contributor
Cancer cells become super-charged when exposed to methylmalonic acid, a chemical that builds up in older people's bodies.
Brian Owens, Contributor
Ancient site suggests early humans controlled fire and used plants to ward off insects.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
The violin players' abilities could shed light on everything from epidemics to the spread of fake news.
Charles Q. Choi, Contributor
A new study shows how self-imposed COVID prevention measures like hand-washing and mask-wearing work to prevent a large outbreak -- if they happen fast.
Katharine Gammon, Contributor
A month’s worth of cool science stories, summed up
Alistair Jennings, Contributor