3D Technology Looks for Osteoarthritis

Researchers are using the motion capture technology to look at the hand movements in patients with possible osteoarthritis.
Inside Science Contributor

(Inside Science) -- Hollywood has been using motion capture technology in the movies for decades, helping animated characters come to life. Michigan State University scientists are using the technology to help identify possible osteoarthritis (OA) related movements in the hands of patients. This method could detect arthritis earlier and prevent the patients from losing some thumb function and movement.

Using images generated from motion capture technology, researchers analyze certain hand movements that may help identify OA-associated motion problems earlier than typical motion task measurements used in a clinical setting. Therapists and doctors traditionally use a goniometer, which is a simple device to measure a joint’s range of motion and basic movements, to screen for reduced hand function due to OA. But the results can vary depending on who is doing the measuring. technology might be a better way to identify OA earlier.

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